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Top:Cypress wood, color,dark coco, metal banding around the wood.

Base: Metal triple trestle Cross Tie H frame base
Top: Cypress wood,Color, dark coco.Metal banding around edge of wood. 
         Base: Cedar, slender cut farm trestle base , black
Concrete Round  36" H or 30" H 
          Any Color Concrete
Console Table / Sofa Table
Coffee / Cocktail Tables
Simply Elegant Farm Trestle, Zinc Top
French Elegant , Farm Trestle , Zinc Top
60" Round Concrete, High Top Pedestal
Wood Work Table
ZINC  Kitchen  Hood

What is special about Zinc?

Zinc is a beautiful metal that continues to gets better with age.  It does not rust, which makes it perfect for exterior environments. It also has antibacterial properties. This is why Zinc tables make great tops for dinning tables, bars and counter tops. Zinc is perfect for any decor from rustic to  transitional to even modern. Chairs and other house hold decor helps create the desire look you want. 

What are the heights of your tables?

Our standard dinning room table height is 30 "
Coffee table height is 18",
End tables 22",
Bar height 42"
Counter height 36"
Sofa/Console tables height varries from 32"-42"
Our tables are custom made to order so feel free to make it the size you like !!

Is the zinc clear coated?

No, We use Maguires Gold liquid car wax, it is applied to seal in the patina. The wax protects the zinc from unwanted rings marks. The wax is used as needed. 

Can I have the base stained or painted in a different color than what is shown?

Yes, we are happy to create a finish that are trying to obtain. Custom paint and stain colors are available.

Can you make your zinc table with a square, oval, or round top?

Yes, we can fabricate an oval or round zinc top. Please contact us with the size you would like and we will provide a quote.

How do you care for the zinc top?

You can use any non harsh household cleaner. We suggest windex and apply liquid wax as needed.

Does the zinc continue to age?

Yes, thats what makes zinc so beautiful, is that it continues to keep aging. Zinc will tend to get darker and patina in its own unique way.

Do all zinc top tables require a seam?

No , we can make rectangular tables up to 9.5 feet and 54" wide without a seam.
Our round tables can be made up to 60" without a seam.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time depends on the item you are ordering. But is generally 1-6 weeks . Rush orders may be available at additional cost.

Can I pick up my item instead of shipping?

Yes, our workshop is located in Bradenton, FL . Please call to set up an appointment time.

Do your tables have sharp corners?

No, We weld all our corners and hem the edges , so there is no sharp corners or edges.